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Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We desire to follow Jesus and point others to do the same

This is, after all, the call of the church. To be disciples and make disciples. Everything we do as a church falls within that mission.

Our Story

On June 11th, 1900, revival services began at the Baptist Mission of Oolitic. The revival kickstarted plans for a Baptist church to begin in Oolitic. The Baptist church in Bedford called a business meeting to discuss the matter and seventeen people responded (some from other churches in the area) to become Oolitic Baptist's first members. June 24, 1900, Oolitic Baptist was fully organized and the search began for a building and, more importantly, a pastor!

In September of 1904, George W. Terry was called as the first pastor. Soon after, in May of 1906, a building was completed - and the total cost was an incredible $1,550.73!

In 1937, the church was faced with the challenge of the Great Depression and it could no longer afford to pay its loan payments. Remarkably, the church pulled together the necessary funds through quilting (yes, you read that correctly!). 

Now for over 100 years, Oolitic Baptist Church has continued to serve God and the town of Oolitic faithfully. While no church is a perfect church, we are proud to say that the people of Oolitic Baptist are eager to love God and neighbor. We are excited to see what God has in store for us over the next 100 years!

Our Beliefs

Oolitic Baptist Church is associated with the Southern Baptist Convention. As such, we align with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 (BF&M). 


You can find the BF&M here

Meet the Team

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